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2 min readJan 20, 2021


Take out time for yourself.

I am a optimistic person who is found in her room. I usually take out time to acknowledge others efforts as my time is valuable.

" Believe in making others life happy by adding hope "

- Simrin Kapoor

What do you do to make your community better?

I have seen people who do take out time to see butterfly grow.

Butterfly 🦋 is the most beautiful creature on this planet. When you appreciate others efforts you grow.

This is the principle which they follow.
When a butterfly grows you will experience -

1) Love
2) Compassion
3) Re-Designing
4) Tender Warmth
5) Support
6) Beauty
7) Patience
8) Self Satisfaction
9) Deep Connection
10) Glory

When we see love, we see care!
When we see compassion, we see trust!
When we see Re - Designing, we see Inhancement!
When we see Tender Warmth, we see protection!
When we see Support, we see unity!
When we see beauty, we see inner self!
When we see Patience, we see self determination!
When we see Self Satisfaction, we see contentment!
When we see Deep Connection, we see loyalty!
When we see Glory, we see Success.

I want to thank each one of you who have supported me till date.

The journey from love to success is curated with this journey.

I hope I can cater client's with these elements.

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