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Simrin Kapoor
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A Story Told is an action fantasy novel which will bring out various elements of life.

The first interaction with Chris was quit pleasant which gave me a clear interaction why it is important be connected with the one thing called self- discovery.

Q) Why did you wrote this book?

A) I wrote this book because I thought it would be awesome to write an action fantasy novel that was centered on the true God of the Bible.

Q) Was adding adventure in the book was difficult or it was easy? If yes, then what advice would you like to give to the writers who write adventure books?

A) I love action and adventure. I grew up reading comic books and watching cartoons with such awesome heroes and stories. I also studied to be a comic book writer and artist in college and even had my own independent comic company with friends of mine years ago. For me this was easy because I love it so much and can see the action playing out in my mind.

My advise to writers is write what you are passionate about and it will come easy. If you love action and adventure play out the scene in your head and it will write itself when you put pen to paper.

Q) What is the most special thing about this book?

A) that no matter who you are, if you believe in God you can overcome anything. The heroes of this book are regular people that face great challenges, which they overcome with God’s power.

Q) Who is your inspiration in writing?

A) I draw a lot of inspiration from Classic literature like Tolkien, CS Lewis, Milton, Shakespeare, and Dante, among others.

Q) What did you learnt from the writing journey?

A) I learned that you will never be perfect so just do it. Write what you love, and keep at it. Over time and with practice you will refine your craft and get better everyday!

This book is a blessing which taught me many different aspects there are total 346 pages.

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