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Book Review Of The Book A Pleasent Escape Written by — Author Piyush Rohankar

Hello people, how are you all ?

Hope you are well and in good health.

I am honoured to present before you the book review written by Piyush Rohankar who is an Indian Civil Servant from Nagpur.

The book is filled with elements of suspense, romance that moved at a very fast pace.

I am delighted to inform you that the book has been written in a very elequont style which will add personal touch to the readers.

So, let's move to the story and see what it has for you.

The book revolves around the journey of Alok Shirke who decided to prepare for Civil Services exam so he shifted to Delhi, old Rajendra Nagar where each year students come to prepare for this prestigious exam.

The book is quite interesting as it has fiction story weaved with facts and details that would make it a complete list for anyone who wants to add value in their life.

There are other characters in this book which played a major role - Sakshi, Manish, Abhijeet, Rashmi etc.

The book is an eye opener for each student to understand why it's important to understand what real struggle looks like. When we see people choosing a path for such exams we also see a phase where they need mental support from their families.

I was really impressed by the way the author talked about other social elements in the society which added awareness about these aspects. Some of them realted to -

1) should we legalize prosticution ?

2) Should we force our children to join government jobs ?

These are two major topics which intrigues me to read more.

The book has made me feel emotional when I saw how difficult it is to see life through a perspective of a IAS Aspirant who has to face thousand rejections but still has to give the exams having no hope.

The book has talked about parliament House, Nirbhaya rape case etc which adds knowledge in the fictional tale.

The author has done a fantastic job by giving poems which made my heart melt that were the best part to explore.

The book has a unique concept which will be relevant for each one of us because of the powerful impact that it has brought in my life. After reading the book I feel that government exams should be treated as a exam. A student should not only focus on government jobs but also keep space for any opportunity that kocks their path.

The book talks about some historical events adds attention of readers as it is a easy way to remember when we are reading a story. The Ana Hazare Jan Lokpal Movement was something which connected the story to become more strong.
It is been seen that Kokrajhar ethnic violence in Assam was eye-opener as it made me think about various other aspects.

I want to recommend this book to all the students at large because I feel this book will make you strong in any exam you give. This book is a mystery which you will explore.

In the end, I would like to mention few lines from his poem which added :

" The beauty dwells in forbidden thoughts,
That echoes in the pages of myths,
I know that you exit somewhere in between,
The unconscious realm of feelings,
For my heart magnifies your traces subtle....

Happy reading !! Do buy the book from Amazon.

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