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    Written By – Amulya Priyadarshi

    “A Gripping tale which adds emotional touch with fond memories. Readers can cherish the old times.”


    Delhi Bytes which is published by Locksley Hall Publishing LLP is authored by Amulya Priyadarshi which is a perfect blend of fiction that adds facts which will add more knowledge within you. This is a book which is having 2 parts that makes it easy for the readers to relate with the story. The story takes you to the early nineties where the economic policy was just introduced in India. This was the time where the Mandal Commission Recommendation was also been implemented. This was a time where the political scenario was quite heated up where the story started.

    The protagonist Amit Mathur, is the main character of the story who hails from Bihar and was the one to launch his academic sojourn with his friends at a renowned collage of Delhi University North Campus. The book consists of 12 chapters which are quite easy to understand and comprehend. I liked all the characters of the story which had their unique touch in making the plot quite interesting.


    - Being a fiction story is something everyone likes to read as it is something which can bring compassion and happiness but this book would add a rational concept of Why we should think before we dwell into any situation. 1

    - The Character of Amit Mathur would make you realise that a person can achieve anything in life when his journey can teach us important lessons in our life. The way he deals with the situation is something which will give rational thinking to the readers.

    - The Character of Rekha Verma which will teach you how smartness can be the best attire in your life. You can’t be beautiful but if you are outgoing and know how to handle the situations then you can win any battle.

    - The book will make you revisit CP, Kamala Nagar and also will make you realise that why fighting for the rights is important. India is a democratic country and we should stand up for our rights. Youth is the future of generation which will make it stronger.

    - The book takes you JNU where you will explore new journey there is romance added the storyline will make you.

    - The author explains “Big HOUSE but SMALL FAMILY, More DEGREES but less COMMON SENSE, Advanced MEDICINE but POOR HEALTH, Touched MOON but NEIGHBOURS UNKNOWN, High INCOME but less PEACE OF MIND, High I.Q. but Less EMOTIONS, Good KNOWLEDGE but LESS WISDOM and lot of HUMANS but LESS HUMANITY”.


    Amulya Priyadarshi, is an alumnus of Ramjas College and Campus Law Centre, DU. An MBA in HRM from IGNOU, he is working as DGM (HR) at Bhilai Steel Plant, SAIL. Right from his college days, his articles and case studies have been published in various journals, and has also had the privilege of being the editor of some in house magazines as well.


    1. Law Students – This book is recommended to the law students who are planning to choose a career in Legal profession as the book will make you excited to explore the places, live a life as a law student. The law students would get a fiction touch which will make you understand why growing up is a daily learning.

    2. Professionals –This book is a mixture of love, humour and fond memories of each one who has lived in Delhi. The book acts as a added advantage to all the readers who are in the age of early forties. This would make it a treat to relive their youth times.

    The story will touch your heart, make you fall in love with the writing style. This will add a charm in your monotonous life where you being at your house can dream and think about your friends, remember your loved ones. Have a time with yourself and enjoy this book with a cup of tea.

    The readers will get to know some events from history which will enlighten todays youth. This will also have a deep impact on the todays generation in understanding what of days were lived by their parents during that time.


    1) Teaches Humanity

    2) Art of Generosity

    3) Importance of Education

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