Books that every Entrepreneur Must Read in 2021

Simrin Kapoor
2 min readSep 7, 2021


Entrepreneurship is a term which revolves around creating something which adds value to the society. When we think about becoming an entrepreneur the name sounds quite interesting but the process is not so much smooth. To make this process smooth for all the business leaders here is the list of top 5 books that one must pick up to build the skills and implement them in a easy manner.

1) Winning in the digital age : Seven building blocks of a successful digital transformation by Nitin Seth

This book revolves around the new changes that have taken up in the business by the digital era. The book would be really useful to the new Startup’s to gain knowledge about how can the digital era help in the business to grow on the global level. One must definitely read this book.

2) Corporate Chanakya, 10th anniversary edition 2021 : Successful Management the Chanakya Way by Radhakrishnan Pillai

This book talks about how successful management skills in any business is important for growth.

Corporate Chanakya is divided into three major sections — Leadership, Management and Training. The author chooses the most apt sutras to provide tricks to achieve success in all these fields. In the leadership section he explains the importance of a leader’s foresight, vision, enthusiasm and positive approach to handling situations. The author also gives you tips on making effective decisions, time management and creating a lasting impact to generate business. One should read this book to know how management can help the business to grow.

3) Building an empire In 5 years : A 5 year planner 2021–2025 by David Kunc

This is a perfect planner for any business entrepreneur which they can buy and use to keep themselves updated with the business activities and ventures.

Recommended to business entrepreneurs who have interest in being organised.

4) Harvard Business Review Entrepreneur’s Handbook — Everything You need to launch and grow your new business by Harvard Business Review

This book helps the people to understand the smart management thinking. This book is one of the best sellers which have changed lives of many successful business entrepreneurs.

So, one must definitely try there hands on this book which can add as a companion in difficult times.

5) In The Arena Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit, make your idea a roaring success

This book brings lots of co-collective wisdom wisdom and knowledge. The book is the result of contribution of 14 international entrepreneurs who have added their experiences from their real life journey. The is really a game changer for all the readers as it would add more value than the other books.

The book has been focused on innovation, customer launch philosophy, co-creation and other numerous factors which one should consider in 21st century to make their business scale up to heights.

I would recommend this book to any one who needs to explore their hands on entrepreneurship as this can be a perfect guide for you all.

Do check out these books and let me know which one is more exciting.



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