Book Review On Cookie, a Cat’s Christmas Tale written By Authoress Maryann Hayatian

This story is a children’s book which is based on Cookie and Terry. They are the two cat’s who are quite opposite from each other. To know and explore the journey of Cookie and Terry you should read this book which has been written in a adorable language.

The best part of this book is that it will make you happy and smile as the story has a little and purrfect epilog all the cat lovers this book will have a special place in your heart as you can recall your memories with your cat.

The author has given a personal touch to the story which has brought cheer and brightness in the title.

The book will add a magic to your life. The kids will like the story and have fun on Christmas day as much as Cookie and Terry did.

The special giveaway note that I want to add -

1) Compassion - You will learn compassion as the cats Journey will make you feel so connected.

2) Christmas Present - The Christmas present will make your New Year lighten up with hopes and aspirations.

3) Happiness - You will feel the care, warmth and comfort until the epilogue of the story.

Recommended to -

This book is recommended to kids and their family members so that they can fancy some beautiful memories and cherish some good happy times.

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Simrin Kapoor
2 min readJan 4, 2021




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