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The planet known as poetry

Have you ever thought about what would happen if cosmic and universal power are talked in a poetic language? Do you ever like knowing about the power and positive vibes that universal power brings to the humanity?

I am sure, you must have thought about that if you are someone who gets better version of your own self through these reading then you should grab the book which influences the world at large.

So, let's see what is the book all about!!

The book revolves around universal love and dream to become something as the poetry brings sensitivity and compassion towards the humanity.

The book is written in bilingual language of French and English to target audience which knows how the universal powers works.

The book has a beautiful cover which grabs the attention of the readers as there is a girl who is looking towards the universe. I would like to add that colour has appealing effect, so anyone can use it in their study rooms to attract positive energy.

The book is written by Farida Bouri Mihoub, who is a scientific translator who is an independent contractor for World Health Organization ( WHO), she is a person who loves poetry and writing.

The book is a hardcover which has been published by Flowerpublish which is started by MaryAnn Hayatian who is an author and a publisher.

About the book -

The book is of 223 pages, which is written in a lucid and simple language. The poems are written in French and the same has been translated in English.

The poem is consisting of power, vision, success, help, divine beauty, flexibility to my country, somewhere and journey.

When you would be reading, this book unfolds you with some concepts that will make you believe that each thing on this universe happens for a reason. When you go in depth in the book you will realize that the author has tried to cover each and every aspect that is possible which makes the book a complete package for you all to go and explore why you have limited your thoughts and goals??

The book has been a journey which will take you along on a journey with you yourself, when you go alone on a path you want someone to help you out with your whole thought process. The book is exactly the same, which brings poems in addition to this beautiful concept.

I would like to write that I loved the first poem which will leave you completely hooked up till the end and here it goes -

Some words give shivers

Just by whispering them

For example, spatial,

Star, astral or sidereal

Others are exhilarating

Almost intoxicating

Adorned with feelings

For example romantic,

Utopian and mythic

But the words that

Shake me the most

Whose effect is absolute

Are those who combine



This poem has not only changed my reading journey but also added spark of positivity !!

If you think you want some enlightenment in your life you can read this book.

Hoping to get your feedback on this book

Keeping reading!!

If you want to buy the buy the book you can buy from the link —



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